Friday, June 28, 2013

Return to Course

I am amazed at how people seem to find corsetry as some tawdry representation for women. Its ability to offer support, the concomitant comfort, practicality and aestheticism seem to be sadly underrepresented in media.

I have left my little blog untended for some time. My aim here had been true, and I should find time again to revive her.

I have been posting in other spaces, as I have negotiated many changes this past year. Perhaps I will tell you about them again soon.



  1. not tawdry if it's a neck corset just divine. x x

  2. "exemption" ? This 2nd-semester dropout hopes that is not a bad thing.
    Thanks for comment at AOD - visit to copperwitch.blogspot will make you laugh.
    Another laugh if you put Spirella Corsets into searchbox.
    They were a HUGE factory. put the name into images and you may land on the one that led me to a (now lost) website on corsetting that had a great forum of men and their boning fantasies.
    Spirella -‎
    Spirella was a company which manufactured made-to-measure corsets. It was founded on a patent of dressbone, for bustles'
    X X aod


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