Wednesday, October 30, 2013


This morning was like postcards.

Waking and breakfast beside you.

Weaving past sidewalk trees.

That lithe dog chasing his deflating volley ball in the park.

Then the railway signals, the closing of the boom-gates -

We ran, I tripped on the large blue-metal stones,

You carried my overnight case and held out your hand;

The train horn sounded again and again

as we ran -

Parallel to the tracks and the banking train.

Running out of time

Then at the station, under wooden eaves

The driver unlocked the doors

Because he must have seen us -

Two lovers ... (just as you had said, as we walked up the grove)

... as we crossed the rails -

like a still from a movie.

Like postcards.

Friday, June 28, 2013


My dear friends,

So much has happened during these last few months, and I have been tardy in sharing my news. I am claiming an exemption for my final Honours units, which has included my thesis.

But now it is time to tell you some of the beautiful things that I have been doing.

You may recall that felicitous young man which I mentioned in a previous post. After a busy few weeks for us both, we decided to take a small sojourn.

We had a wonderful time countryside in a gorgeous home all to ourselves in the midst of an 800 acre farm. The house was divine, with the loveliest features tucked inside boxes drawers and cupboards just waiting to be discovered. My beau had been there before to record an album and knew it would be perfect.

Some of the nicest things are those which fall into the day-to-day. We had views like these which kept us company:

And then that certain young gentleman cooked an amazing dinner, making the pasta himself. Darlin'!

It was the cutest little home. Even the refrigerator was delightful:

We listened to the final mix on the drive out, and was accompanied by a haloed moon. How bizarre and magical it was. It was such a lovely stay!

Return to Course

I am amazed at how people seem to find corsetry as some tawdry representation for women. Its ability to offer support, the concomitant comfort, practicality and aestheticism seem to be sadly underrepresented in media.

I have left my little blog untended for some time. My aim here had been true, and I should find time again to revive her.

I have been posting in other spaces, as I have negotiated many changes this past year. Perhaps I will tell you about them again soon.


Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Fitting Course Etiquette

Intimate information, like beautiful lingerie should be shared with discretion, but sometimes it is important to disseminate information which make things more comfortable, and beautiful for us all.

Even though I love many of its attributes, I am not an expert in corsetry. I have found many of my favourite items at What Katie Did, and I believe that Ms Katie is a reliable source for information on those items of underwear which have a significant impact on our figures and our confidence.

Recently Ms Katie published a salient account of what to consider when choosing corsetry. I found it an important reference point, and thought I would share it with you too.

You will find the article here, and all of Ms Katie's delightful items here.

The What Katie Did Morticia Corset. (One of my favourites.)

And you will find me here again soon. But if you miss me in the mean time, send me a little message and I promise to respond.


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Car Show

With the rigours of university behind me at last, I have had the opportunity to spend time in the midst of one of my favourite art forms. How pleased I was to attend this magnificent exhibition of amazing vehicles.

Buick '57: Roadmaster

Chevrolet '58 Convertible


 (I apologise for these being on their side, I can't find the 'spin' button.)

Ford Fairlane: Victoria '55

 Cadillac Sixty Special

Buick Eight


Oldsmobile 442


351 - GT Ford

Boss 429 Ford Mustang

Thunderbird 1965

Chevrolet Impala

Chevrolet 396

Chrysler 300