Wednesday, October 30, 2013


This morning was like postcards.

Waking and breakfast beside you.

Weaving past sidewalk trees.

That lithe dog chasing his deflating volley ball in the park.

Then the railway signals, the closing of the boom-gates -

We ran, I tripped on the large blue-metal stones,

You carried my overnight case and held out your hand;

The train horn sounded again and again

as we ran -

Parallel to the tracks and the banking train.

Running out of time

Then at the station, under wooden eaves

The driver unlocked the doors

Because he must have seen us -

Two lovers ... (just as you had said, as we walked up the grove)

... as we crossed the rails -

like a still from a movie.

Like postcards.


  1. Just wonderful in more ways than one. Keep 'em coming.
    x x iODyne

  2. Thanks so much, Miss Ann.

    You are quite right, it truly is. It was a long time coming:

    Thanks so much, Miss Ann.


  3. Hi Petticoats - I am compelled to share with you that only in California is there a corsetiere who would devise a woman confined in a tight satin Tardis >> (and scroll down - tumblr is a mystery to me)
    X X


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