Thursday, November 25, 2010

Charleston II

Monday was second my swing class. This time sans French 75, but with many more boys. How nice it is to have them "offer the hand" and then swing us girls out by our hips. Some of those cheerful young thangs just know how to guide us so smoothly that it is nice letting them show the initiative in the lead.

This week we did high kicks, turns and jumps. My petticoats ensured I was all modesty no matter how high I kicked or how much thrust those boys put on my turn. And the floor makes such a jolly good thump when we all come down together. Some of those fellas are actually quite advanced and just come along to give a girl some company. How lucky we are. 

Unfortunately we only have one little class left. I have my swing record out and I am going to practice, practice, practice, because next week I am going to start with a 75, shine those boards, and finish like a 57!

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