Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Vargas Dress

Many of you may know all about Alberto Vargas and his gorgeous pin up girls. I first stumbled across one of his prints when I was a young naive girl in my early teens and, without any previous foreknowledge of the artist and his work, immediately fell in love with it and made it the feature of my bedroom.

So beautiful was the woman in the print that I was not surprised to find a gorgeous item of lingerie has been named after him in the form of the Kiss Me Deadly (KMD) Vargas Dress.

Recently I indulged in a little online purchase and purchased a wiggle dress which requires particular foundation garments so it can be worn to its best advantage. I had been seen the Vargas Dress on the KMD site, and now had the perfect opportunity to make her mine.

I have a friend who has two. One being the very tempting red and black release which was made as a limited run. The one she had bought previously was not as shaping as she had hoped, so she purchased this second one a size smaller, and was pleased with the fit.

I was keen to make sure my Vargas fitted perfectly so I found a local vendor who imports them directly from KMD. The sizing is the based on the fitting of your brassiere, so I was pleased they had mine in stock. When I tried the 34D I found it comfortable, but not providing the form I was expecting. The vendor said quite a few girls preferred the next size down, and fortunately they had a 32DD for me to try. After two attempts and some gentle coercion I found it fitted firmly and gave me a silhouette I was happy with.

The difference in size may be because I have what they call a 'vintage figure'. This means my waist is approximately 10 inches smaller than my bust and hip measurements. The Vargas is made for a standardised hip to waist ratio, so because of my 'vintage' shape the next size down shaped my waist appropriately.

I would definitely recommend sourcing a local distributor if you can, to ensure your Vargas gives you the result you desire. If you plan to order online and would like the next size down, you might like to use the following grading system: A bra cup size 38B is comparable to a 36C, 34D, 32DD. If you are like me and usually take a 34D but have a larger hip to waist ratio you might try the 32DD in your shapewear. Ideally though, it is best to try it to ensure the closest fit for both your body and bust.

The Vargas dress has six garter tabs, so it is perfect for accessorising irrisistible stockings with your dress. The brassiere is comfortable and lightly boned, with generous lace finish. My deportment teacher told me that a girl must always have good foundation garments, which should also be beautiful. Whether those boys know or not, we like to dress as beautifully beneath as we do externally. The Vargas is so comfortable I am reluctant to take her off. Because she is so beautiful, perhaps a girl doesn't have to after all.



  1. ... thank god you are still safely studying 5 months after embarking on this mode of dress.
    'deadly' indeed, and more power to you.

  2. Thank you, Ann.

    I would love another excuse to wear her. If only I had an occasion, or a boy that would be fitting for her.


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