Saturday, November 6, 2010

Petticoats and Chrome

Now, what more could a girl want? Some beautiful underclothes and a big '57.

... and maybe a lovely boy to drive her.

This is my brand spanking new blog where I shall be noting down a few little things that interest me, and you are welcome to drop in whenever you like.

I will be adding my favourite links, pics and tasty little doo-dads.

Let me know if you have any tips.



  1. welcome to blogging - I hope you meet good people and have fun.
    I do agree with all your Profile likes.
    Please let me commend my favourite lingerie photo.

  2. PS re your architecture interest -
    if you look at and click on 'Scarves' you will see theirs with drawings of Melbourne buildings on them.
    We love scarves - crucial for convertible cruising.

  3. Thank you Ann for your kind comments and links!

    You are quite right, a girl DOES need a scarf for cruising.

    The Aubade site is fun, isn't it! I actually had some Aubade lingerie a while back, it was a rich soft green. I am so glad you reminded me of it!


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