Sunday, December 12, 2010

Chrome ~ Cars ~ Cinderella

As you know, last weekend I went to that sweet little chrome car show where everything was dated pre-1969. I rushed through all my Cinderella chores and made it there with two and a half hours to spare. How disappointed I was to find that many of the gorgeous automobiles I would have longingly languished over had hot-tailed it out of there soon after the awards were shared amongst the divine.

I wasted no time at all and whipped around snapping madly at the gorgeous remaining babies, as I heard V8 engines, one after the other, rumble into life and begin their slow, delicious haul out of there. Some were showing off some of their hydraulics before departing, which can be rather entertaining even though such vehicles are not strictly my style, but today I had no time for playful shenanigans.

Snap, snap, snap I went, inside (if the windows were open) and out. I met all sorts of boys who were so happy to talk about both their and the other cars on the lot, as well as some gorgeous lasses as well. Although their vintage is a little early for me, there were some incredible Mercurys on display, and I was of course so happy to see a nice contingent of Chevrolets. (My ol' time favourite!)

I even managed a quick scout of the merchandise, and purchased a few little goodies for a dear friend, (shh, it's a secret ...), then back I went to get some extra pics. Here is a sample from the day, but please forgive my framing. Although I was not happy with my fixed f/stop lens, I did not dare change it for fear of losing a moment.

Dear lord, just looking at them again makes me all excited!



  1. Steel is real.
    all just beautiful design - art and sculpture.
    galleons of the highway.
    thanks for sharing the pix.

  2. So glad you like them. We will have to don a scarf and go out driving!


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