Friday, December 3, 2010


Those who know me know my penchant for cars and chrome. Big, gorgeous, shiny, curvaceous and streamlined, there is something about it that just gets me all fired up in the most unnatural way.

Sometimes I miss it so much. So today I went out a-looking for it. Search and search I did, and finally I found a place to sate my perky-in-all-the-wrong-places desire. It's a local, dreamy, driving, custom car pile up that is going to find me languishing in the laps of all those bench seats, and pressing myself against all those shiny, shiny panels as I ache over those tempting tail lights, lust after those head lights with "lashes", and generally crumple under my drunken desire for chrome.

And the boys will tell me all about how they restored that gorgeous beast of a woman, and how they sourced their parts, and custom made others. There is going to be music and eye candy. Ooo, I think I need a chaperone to hold me back before I become all unseemly.

Bad girl. Down.

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