Thursday, January 6, 2011

Holiday Hootenanny

My oh my, what a busy time it has been these last few weeks.

Besides the usual festivities and feting, I have had the opportunity to indulge in some favourite pastimes and challenge myself in activities I would not otherwise have contemplated.

Being in a different city where many of my old friends live allows me to fill my dates with visits across town and suburbs. But this can also prove a challenge, especially is there are other enticing activities playing here for a short time only. And thus presented my quandary. Fortunately I am also graced by the benefaction and generosity of many friends and family who either share my interests, or are willing to oblige them. So I proposed an open invitation to a photography exhibition and was pleased with the disparate but comfortable little group which kindly joined me.

The exhibition exceeded my expectation, as did the positive and varied perspectives on the work when we reconvened in a noisy bar a few winding streets behind. Conversations continued from afternoon through evening as we revisited places we used to frequent for pre- and post-dinner drinks.

                                           *        *        *        *        *

Conversely, I was invited to a family event at an activity park. Such venues are usually a little off my radar, but I decided this might be a fun way to extend my perceptions and my physical abilities. Heck, in the borrowed clothing I had to wear I could be assured no-one would recognise me if I made a blazing fool of myself.

Did I say I thought this may be fun? It was a downright holiday hootenanny! I leapt, dived, careened, tobogganed, bumped, glided, and bobsledded my way through the park. I ate and drank naughty things and somehow didn't mind a bit. I saw happy people from such a variety of diverse and colourful demographics constantly around me. Opposing re-visitations to activities were all jovially accommodated within our group. We arrived home tired, in need of a long warm shower, and sated. In fact, the fun may have rivaled my convivial cultural excursion.

Such can be the dividend of disparity. Surprising and opposing components in these unfamiliar environs made for some very propitious opportunities. Perhaps that is why I like to subversively challenge my perceptions of normatives, whether personal, social, or ideological.

I would love it if you could share some of yours with me. (I promise I won't tell!)


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