Friday, February 4, 2011

Brown Paper Packages

Yesterday I was very surprised to hear the door bell ring. It was a postal contractor with his little notepad and a brown cardboard box!

At first I thought it must be for somebody else. But it was clearly addressed to me ... Who could have sent such an exciting parcel? And what could it be?

I did not wait for scissors to splice the tape. I opened it immediately in the hall. Inside the box was a note which said:


The toy(s) inside this box have been specially selected, ordered (and paid for) by someone you know. The name of the 'mystery' person(s) who have kindly and thoughtfully chosen you as their recipient ...

  • Can be found on the card/label that's attached to the gift inside,
  • Cannot be revealed or has wished to remain anonymous,
  • Is ...........................................................................
(The first option was ticked. Then it said ...)

Please remember, these toys are intended for the person as indicated on the card/address label of the parcel so please do not remove any wrapping or open any envelopes unless you are the person for which the toys were intended.

... We hope you enjoy and have many hours of fun playing with your new toys.

How exciting!
I carefully opened the cute little card. The words on the front were just like the note:

Inside my benefactor was revealed!

My present, however was not. It was still wrapped in this beautiful paper which I later learned he had chosen especially.

I did not peek until every piece of sticky tape was undone. And look what I found!

Remember these? They were like maths and science and tech drawing and art all in one.

And look how the gears came. It reminded me of the little toys in cereal boxes which we pressed out and put together.

The template has been redesigned so that when you flip it over the teeth interlock under the lip, and the gears are more secure as you wheel them around.

And it also came with this stencil to accessorise your swirls!

Don't they look as bright and colourful as lollipops?

At first I made a space scene, then a sea animal collage, and later shared it with a young lass who made a flower garden.


Just like sending letters, I love receiving things in the post, but this was extraordinarily generous and unexpected, which made it all the more perfect.



  1. This very device was used by the eponymous Pedro to design his first water craft. How fascinating to see these tools again after a more than two centuries during which they were banned as heretical and a potential threat to the complex beauty of creation, which was to remain the sole demain of god.

  2. As the safe-keeper of his musings and assorted chattels, could you post a reproduction of that first water craft to inspire my creations?


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