Tuesday, February 8, 2011

These Are A Few of My Favourite Things

I have a secret.

A few years ago I went to a fair a long, long way from home. It was something I had wanted to do for such a while, but had been prohibited by, let us say 'a big bad wolf'.

So I snuck out in my hooded red jacket, with my best and brightest frock, cutest shoes, and tortoise-shell sun glasses packed in my tiny cardboard suitcase, and caught the plane to a city some 1000 kilometres away.

I may have been bold, but was getting naughtier. I met up with a 'woodcutter' at the airport and he whisked me away in his car. He fed me and lured me to his cabin, but a good girl always says "no" especially when certain parties are already 'engaged' and should not be playing with girls when they visit strange cities. But my woodcutter was very respectful, and afterwards kindly dropped me off where my girlfriend was waiting in a safe clearing.

The next day she and I went to the fair. Can you imagine seeing everything you love all in one place? Outside there were chromed cars from the late 1950s and inside there were patterned dresses and pretty old-fashioned china and homewares, lots of gorgeous boys dressed impeccably, a hairdresser who put everything from pin-curls to victory rolls in your hair, and in the background lots and lots of music to make everyone dance.

Amongst all this heady excitement I saw something I had never seen before. The most delicate and gorgeous pasties. I was a demure lass and not prone to anything racy, but these were made for us, dear ladies. A little shy, I quietly took the business card and slipped it into my handbag. I believe it was a culmination of the digression of the weekend and this little card that turned me from that demure lass into a determined but discreet woman.

Finally, when I returned home I was in a considerable amount of trouble. My absconding was taken very seriously and I was firmly repremanded. But girls, I still had my secret little card! One evening, I found her site on the internet and was lost in all the dreamy and beautiful selections of pasties. I did not have an occassion to wear them, but I needed a momento of my special day, so I ordered some online.
 -- Shh. Don't tell anyone! I have to hide them in the back of my drawer. --

They are the most gorgeous and decadent thing, and I love them so. They came in the most beautiful box with costume tape and instructions.

But did you know they custom make them? By hand! You can choose your favourite fabric, bows, buttons, bells, and brocade from her collection if you ask her nicely. She is very kind and discreet.

It's like a lolly shop for your loveliest.

I have several pairs now and only have worn one pair - for myself. Unfortunately I do not have a man who shares my pastie-passion, so they languish hidden behind my most delicate lingerie.

Ladies, you really should buy some for yourself this Valentines. And if you are a lad with fine taste, perhaps you could choose something lavish and alluring for your favourite feline.

Here is her Valentine Collection on Facebook. She will ship them to you, direct to boudiour.


Kiss Me Quick.



  1. You are so right!

    there are some vampiric pasties at this blog

    and others at my Melb pals blog (see her sidebar) which lead me to the above one.

  2. Thanks Anne. Those vampiric ones are incredible!

    I was not able to find the ones you mentioned on Pareidolic Eyes' side bar, though. I must have missed it ...

    Dr Sketchy's is fabulous, isn't it. I did an assignment on them last year, and it was so interesting and fun. Their Melbourne branch are on FB http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/group.php?gid=7707942862

  3. Oh my goodness! I never saw your comment, I never saw that this was here! Is so delightful!
    I simply must tell everyone this is here!!
    Oh and did your read perhaps, a very long time ago on dreaded myspace I wrote a blog/essay on the naughtyness of the little red ridding hood tale?
    Oh bless you honey!!

  4. Thank you Simone!

    A friend of mine alerted me to your very kind link on FB. Quite an honour!

    Alas, I have not read your blog/essay on myspace. Would you have a copy or link to it for us?

    Thank you for your very kind words.


  5. Oh! Then we are just great minds thinking alike on the Little Red Riding Hood Caper ;)

    Alas, I dont have a copy, I took down all those postings and then my laptop got stollen, and my back up drive... so annoying!



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