Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Blog Bother

I am afraid I shan't be posting for a while. It seems that many people in my region are having the same trouble with new posts and editing. We are patiently waiting for the infuriating spinning wheel to clear and let us post. But it is not.

If this is happening to you, there seems only one solution. Although clearing the cache and history has worked for some, for most people the only thing to do is to go to your Dashboard, click on Settings and scroll down and choose Old Format.

Although it works for rudimentary posting, there are inherent difficulties with photos and formatting.

The help desk is just posting generic information at this stage, without any proposals for a better work around, or information on what they are doing to alleviate the problem. In fact, they have not quite accepted responsibility for it, insinuating that it may be due to updates made to one's computer rather than Google or Blogger itself.

So please excuse this post if it looks a little 'primitive'. I hope you are having a more comfortable time with your blog, wherever you are.



  1. Thank you dear Slips & Diffs. Still Life With Cat was asking for the answer tonight on FcBook.
    X X

  2. Mr Stacks,

    It finally cleared for me, so that now I can post again in the New Format.

    I would suggest leaving it for 24 hours. When SLwC comes back to Blogger, first go to settings and change back to New Format. If the spinning wheel makes you want to ride a painted pony still, try clicking CTRL F5.

    Let me know how it goes.


  3. All seems to be working again now, and Stacks is a big old girl like Cameron Diaz and Mackenzie Phillips and Blake Lively ... and me.
    X X X

  4. I thought you, MStacks and Ann were related, because your email addresses are so similar on the blog visit lists!

    Nice to hear your blog is back into gear.

    And BTW, you are a very attractive young girl from the photos!


  5. I thought you, MStacks and Ann had something in common from your addresses in my "visit" log.

    From the pictures you seem like a gorgeous young thang!



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