Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Legitimate Lingerie

Fine lingerie is just not complete without the appropriate accessories, and so I believe beautiful stockings and tights are an essential component of a girl's lingerie wardrobe.

As I am with all lingerie, so am I absolutely desirous of stockings and tights. As hosiery patterning seems to change seasonally, I have found myself eagerly stocking up on quaint styles regardless of room permitting in bedside drawers.

Recently I found three gorgeous little numbers which I would love to share with you. The first is like a fine fishnet with art nouveau flowers around the thigh;

the second, was a subtle design which I do not yet have a photo for; and third, was my beloved, luxurious cuban heel seamed stockings. These traditionally come in a chisel ended style, but my favorite is the Deco-esque stepped finish which seems a little more elusive.

The following photo shows generic versions of heeled stockings. I do love the Manhattan.
(What incredible colours they have!)

I also prefer the traditional keyhole welt in the garter of my stockings when I can get them. Which fortunately I can at What Katie Did.  Some of their range are still made on the traditional machines. (Because a girl has to love that devotion to an authentic aesthetic.)

Here, for your perusal, is a little stocking anatomy:

These, from What Katie Did, are my stock in stockings:

Now, all I need is a little night out ...



  1. no argument from me on any of that.
    You are so right about
    'we may have the clothes, but where oh where are The Occasions?'.

  2. I hope my lingerie post excites you as much as it excited me.

  3. I remember you linking that when you first followed me, but as I was so inexperienced, I did not realise it was your blog.

    I did put that into Google to enjoy that luxurious site.

    You are going to have to share the lovely things you have in your drawer!



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