Thursday, July 21, 2011

Toasty Homemaker

Phew, what a few weeks it has been. Moving into a new home is always busy and there has been so many unexpected surprises I have to share with you.

While I rediscover what I have in boxes, there are some pleasant additions finding their way into my home that I hadn't expected.

I shall have to tell you all about all of them, but here are my first pictures of the new Bugatti from Italy.

(A girl is allowed to be a little lavish when she is compelled to use a stash of  loyalty points!)

Isn't she a darling? She also came with bun warmer and some lovely little sandwich baskets that fit in the slots for deluxey toasties.

She has lots of lovely buttons and settings, just like any well dressed Italian girl.

And she lights up beautifully when you turn her on and make your selections.

Come visit me so we can get all toasty!



  1. Very swish but does it toast well? Ah, who cares when it looks so good.

  2. it's fabulous - you lucky girl!

  3. Thank you, my dear friends. I have some tasty toppings and tea. Will you come over?


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