Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ford 1959 Galaxie Fairlaine 500 Convertible

In the comments to my last post the ever gorgeous Ann O'Dyne mentioned the Ford Galaxie ...

... and look what I found. http://www.seriouswheels.com/1950-1959/1959-Ford-Galaxie-Fairlane-500-Convertible.htm

Makes a girl go all dreamy and firey at once.



  1. 'That's the car I will have when I can drive Dad' said I at about the age of ten. I never did and don't want to now but a drive of one would be nice. You forget what a huge car they were.

  2. Yes Andrew - huge, your good taste evident at an early age.
    Steel Is Real says the bumper sticker.
    imdb.com has a list of every movie that has featured the car: Serpico, Route 66, Whatever Happened to Baby Jane, Bullitt of course.
    The photos do not come near the magnificence of the actual beast. There is a red/white one tooling around the 'Rat that slays me. They were made at the Broady/Campbellfield plant too. Thanks Miz Petticoats.

  3. Andrew,

    Aren't they sublime. Did you picture it in lemon as it is here?

    All the girls of that vintage were heavy, with their heaving great engines. But they look so streamlined and stylish. It is when you drive them that you realise how heavy handed one has to be.


  4. Mister Stacks,

    What a knowledge you have. Quite our erudite boy on the blog.

    What a fine companion you make to our stylish Ms Ann!


  5. and I reckon that banana-colour car alongside is a 1938 Plymouth. I do love a good Show n Shine.

    prior to 1965 there were plenty of cars that did more than get you from here to there, it was called motoring.

  6. Ms Ann,

    When I have finished this semester, shall we go to a little show and shine?

    "Motoring" is such a beautiful concept. I do believe you are marvellous, Ms Ann.


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