Thursday, August 25, 2011


When I was little jelly came in colours and flavours like orange, lime, lemon, raspberry and if we were getting fancy or having guests we might lash out with 'port wine'.

We would pour two packets of crystals into a large cut glass bowl, (have a little taste), measure out the hot water, stir and stir until all the crystals had dissolved (have a warm tablespoon of syrup) and put it in the fridge for four hours.

The other day I was walking through the supermarket and found a whole new array of flavours. They are in cute little boxes, so colourful and promising so many memories, that I just had to choose a few old favourites and others I was curious about. Lemonade, Creaming Soda, Strawberries and Cream and even one where you can create your own flavour.

Made up in pretty little moulds, they are such a happy dessert full of childish goodness!


  1. oh yes! children used to be so easily pleased back in The Olden Days before ipods and blackberrys, that a slab of thick red jelly at the Coles Daintee Cafe in Bourke St used to be regarded as quite wonderful, and jelly was a birthday party treat:- Frog In The Pond with a Freddo embedded in algael-bloom-green.


  2. Red was my favourite, too. Then green, then yellow.

    If you make Frog in the Pond you have to invite me over!



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