Thursday, September 1, 2011

Basque in Barcelona

Sometimes a girl has to be a little spontaneous. And a little wicked. Sometimes she has to stretch herself a little further than she should. She should grasp a gorgeous opportunity when it is with such divine company.

She should not resist.

And so I have acquiesced.

                                                        Naughty, naughty me.

I do not mind how imprudent it is. I think that makes it nicer, and my inviter is so enticing.

A girl can sometimes do things she should not.

Or perhaps she should, after all.

I can't wait.

In just a few weeks I shall be here:

Can a girl have too much that she loves all at once? She might need you to hold her down.

I love it when you do that.



  1. I do love restrained architecture.

  2. Hi Andrew,

    I should have guessed you were a Mr Gaudi fan. If you have been to Barcelona you must give me a 'must do' travel guide!

  3. oh how fabulous - wishing you the absolute best time and looking forward to the resultant blogposts too. happy trails

  4. Thank you Miss Ann!

    Only two sleeps to go.

    I think you should come. We could take reciprocal pics in front of the cathedral.


  5. Mr Stacks,

    You picked the exact day I left! No email access, so am sneaking on to my travelling companion's PC to type back to you!

    Just flitting around the city of the big ferris wheel for a week, then off to the very exciting Spanish city of love. (Well, mine at least!)

    While I have been here I have found many examples of Ms Ann O'Dynes favourite lingerie. I wish she had come with me - there is so much we could have shared! I also found some showgirl underwear in the same store. Very delicious, but rather pricey indeed.

    I will have to post again soon. Unfortnately, between catching up with friends and getting lost in lace, powermesh, ribbons and nylon a girl forgets to take pics or even catch her breath.

    xx to you and Ms Ann!


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