Friday, February 17, 2012

Weekend Away

Sometimes, when a girl is all alone, she has to take her initiative for a drive.

A few weekends ago, that is just what I did.

After a little research into a providore and wine region just a few hours away I chose one of my favourite dresses, a flower for my hair, and planned my day away.

As I mentioned in a previous entry, a girl dresses twice: once secretly, and once overtly. As you know, by clicking on "Lingerie" on the list on the right hand side of my blog, I take my secret dressing very seriously. As my deportment teacher told me when I was just a girl "a woman must have good foundation garments that are both comfortable and beautiful". This is a tenet I still hold true.

I always like to match my pretty underthings to my outerwear. But since you couldn't spend the day with me, I thought I could share the simple, beautiful things with you here.

This is one of my most favourite vintage dresses. I have lifted it a little so you can see my layered pink petticoat which holds it out to its best advantage:

These are my delicate foundation garments. They always remind me of a Nick Cave song, Nobody's Baby Now:
"This is her dress that I loved best
With the blue quilted violets across the breast"

The stockings I chose were seamed and cuban heeled. In this skin tone you can just see the detail, with its gorgeous Art Deco-like stepped design. I do love the subtle beauty of them.

And a girl does like to be corseted in.

My touring revealed a little out-of the-way place which hosted the most sumptuous lunch for me, even though I strolled in at a languid 2:00pm. With their signature Pinot Noir, a delicious dessert, and coffee over a Pinter play, it was difficult to leave this lovely tranquil place with the most divine view.

Next time won't you please come with me?

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