Friday, February 17, 2012

Bra Bulletin

Click through for a little history on that iconic lingerie item or have a look at further deliciousness from What Katie Did.


  1. from The -

    BY KATGEORGE ON FEB 28 2012, 11:00AM

    Dear Boyfriend,

    Y U NO NOTICE MY SEXY LINGERIE? I know you’re not blind, because I’ve seen you use your eyes before i.e. to play video games, gawk at my best friend’s cleavage, not bump into things etc.. So why don’t you notice when I’m standing in front of you wearing this filthy lace bra and matching thong set?

    Firstly, I look damn fine right now. Secondly, I spent a lot of money and a lot of painstaking hours immersed in the selection process in order to look this hot. And it’s like you don’t even care. Not only do you not compliment my womanly, scantly adorned T & A, you can’t get me naked fast enough. Do you hate my lingerie? Sometimes I feel like you do.

    What has lingerie ever done to you? Has lingerie offended you in some way? Are you carrying some kind of lingerie related issues so that you just can’t stand the sight of it? Did lingerie kill your whole family in some True Blood style gory massacre and now you’re exacting your revenge in the only way you know how? What has my lingerie done to hurt your feelings? I need to know!

    My dearest, you need to understand something, and that’s that this sexy lingerie isn’t entirely for your benefit. It’s for mine too. I like the way I look. I like the way I’m going to look writhing on top of you in these Agent Provocateur nipple tassels. It makes me feel sexy, and when I feel sexy you’re going to get the good love, I promise. So why can’t you just let me have my moment?

    Sometimes, I want to feel like I’m in my own private porno, and it’s for your eyes only. Don’t you feel lucky that you have such a slamming girlfriend with a gorgeous ass and the lace panties to make it look that much juicer? I understand that they need to come off at some point, but can’t we take a moment to appreciate how centerfold I look right now? My body isn’t going to be this way forever (I’m not Jennifer Aniston)—and I want to make the most of it before it all starts going south.

    So let’s make a deal. Next time I strip off and I’m standing in the door-way, leaning provocatively the way they do in movies, I want you to say something about it. “Oh my God,” will do. Or “Hot diggity.” Anything so I know that you know I’ve done this infinitely sexy thing for us. Let me prowl around a bit, rub up against you and be the Playboy Bunny I always dreamed I could be.

    Once I’ve had my minute in the spotlight, then—and only then—you can feel free to remove whatever you please and fling it over whatever night-stand you see fit. I’d like to keep my heels on though, which I think makes for a healthy compromise. Or, if you’re really lucky, I’ll go crotchless. Which is the ultimate win-win, really.
    All my love and nasty underpants,
    ann o'dyne (closed blog, nothing happening there) X X

  2. Ann,

    You closed your blog? No! No you can't. But Ann, your my blog-friend. Lots was happening there. You have so many friends and so many replies.

    I am going to check straight after this, because I cannot believe it.

    Thank you for this post. I can understand Kat's lament! Why do boys not love us more, especially when we are dressed for delicious?

    Ann, you were my first follower. I am so sad if you have closed it. I loved your pics and comments. I wouldn't reply to so many of my followers, but I always would for you. I hope everything is okay. You can always mail me here:!



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