Wednesday, May 9, 2012


As many of you know, I have been busying myself with my minor thesis and coursework. After submitting my first draft chapter, I am letting my thesis rest while I research for three coursework subjects - droll work indeed.

What a pleasant surprise it was, then, to hear from an old friend who is visiting my town to open a joint exhibition. I was kindly invited to attend the opening tomorrow evening, and to enjoy the same privilege next month at the solo exhibition!

And just as nice was a lovely package from What Katie Did. With a few lovely items for my sister who has been so very kind, and a little something for me.  A girl has to have a tiny indulgence.

Can you guess what they were?

Here's a clue: It appears in a picture somewhere on this blog!

Happy hunting ...



  1. Glad you are resting The Thesis, and please tell me is friend's exhibition still running in June? - when I will be trawling Melb art with That's So Pants blogger ...

  2. Hi Ms Ann,

    Yes, the solo exhibition is definitely running in June. I will pass on the details as soon as I have them.

    I will send you the details of the current exhib via email, in case you were interested and in town while it still shows.



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