Saturday, May 26, 2012


Sometimes a girl has to wait a long time for what she wants.

I have dreamt of returning to Manhattan, quite literally. I shall visit the Flatiron, of course, and no-one shall hold me back from those gorgeous Art Deco pieces of architecture-divine that are the Chrysler and Empire State Buildings.

It seems the city for me, in so many ways. A most favourite poet, Jordie Albiston, wrote The Fall which was based on a 1940s photograph of a young woman who married death to life from the top of the Empire State. I cannot do it justice here. You must seek it out; with the photograph.

I could wrap myself in Manhattan, quite literally. If I could afford it. You know I am referring to the stockings which you have seen here.

But I shall have to wait. They are extraordinarily expensive, because they are as precious as bespoke lingerie.

They are made on machines that weigh 6 tonnes each, and are 17 metres long. They have 16,800 needles which produce only 30 stockings (or 15 pairs) an hour. Then they are hand sewn from top to toe, and dyed to some of the beautiful colours you saw on my previous post.

One day I shall have my very own pair in bitter chocolate.

Until then I shall have to enjoy it vicariously.



  1. how luxe ... how divine - but shoes? the perfect shoe for the bitter chocolate?

    The Rockefeller building/centre is total deco with great detailed interior decoration. The wonderful www lets us tour images without enduring airport security.

    vintage shoes, maybe alligator dare I say it -

  2. Ms Ann, you are a darling! Look what you have found for me!

    Those are some truly astonishing shoes. The perfect pair for my stockings!

    Ms Ann, you are a marvel. Heavens only knows how you always manage to have something to match my entries at your fingertips. I can just imagine your wardrobe!

    And of course, I must put the Rockefeller on my itinerary. What a sweet day it shall be when I visit those majestic monoliths and souvenir myself some lovely snaps and postcards.

    Of course, I will have to send some to you!

    xx (xx)


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