Sunday, July 1, 2012

Fireflies in Fitzroy Gardens

Sometimes expectations change rapidly, and perspectives are re-aligned.

In this past year I have had to relinquish what I had deemed the most vital friendships, as they became the most volatile.

Recently, I met a felicitous young man. He left gifts in my inbox with  delightful and extraordinary content. And in one small evening he strung fairy lights across the rooftop, made concentric circles in clear oriental ambrosia ring around me, and opened up the world I knew to show beauty which had always seemed elusive.

Then he did something beautiful and delicate, something perfect that a girl had dreamed of and never thought would be realised.

He taught me how to find grace in cutting strings, and staying true to intrinsic intentions.

A girl could not wish for anything more.

But she does.

Thank you, my dear.



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  2. Dear Petticoats - I would not have thought you needed help in 'finding grace' - there has always been plenty of it here.

    re Rooftop Bars -
    I love the Bitter Tuscan cocktail at the Tuscan on Bourke, and here is another cute thing on guys and lingerie shopping, by Hadley Freeman in The Guardian

  3. Miss Ann,
    You are a delight! How do you manage to find the perfect piece to go with my blogs?

    The 'lingerie shopping' article was a wonderfully written.

    I am going to leave the car at home one of these days and enjoy all the heady delights that can be swirled, mixed and shaken with beautiful condiments and strange liquors.

    Thank you, too, for your lovely comment.


    (P.S. Please thank Mr Stacks for the post correction.)


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