Wednesday, July 4, 2012

I Love Your Attention to Beauty

There are some things a girl wishes for, but thinks they only exist as a peculiar whim. One of those, as I have mentioned in a previous post, is for her admirer to exhibit a fine eye for her attention to detail.

As this 1957 Chevrolet advertisement says:
Close inspection marks the merit of a man!

As you know, dear readers, a little motor vehicle aesthetic is quite rewarding!
I love how you notice the beauty in so many things.


  1. Chevys eat Fords for breakfast.
    but that's not why I'm here, get this:
    15thC lingeries and a great historic drawing of a chick in bed wearing a crown

  2. Miss Ann,

    Thank you for that lovely find! I did see a similar article, but this one had a few extra facts.

    As one observer has said, one wonders why some people are finding this discovery unusual. As they contend, women have always been very handy with fabric and thread, and quite aware of their body and its needs, so it could be expected that they would rustle up something to keep them comfortable and in shape! I love how they embellished their undergarments, too.

    There are some lovely 57 and even 59 Fords, but a girl just can't help herself with a Chevy. Oh no, she can't.

    (( Miss Ann, if I ever venture out country-side, we must have coffee or something red! ))

    xx (xx)


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