Sunday, August 5, 2012

Honesty, and the Beautiful Reappraisal of Truth

The seeds of ideals are embedded in our formative minds from such an early age. They can be things we aspire to. Things we long for. Things we assure ourselves are right.

But like faded covers on favourite books, they often belie the vivid and complex truths that compose intricate stories.

Today I had, through the most exquisite presentation of honesty, a reappraisal of those ideals to identify a truth that is so much more applicable than I could have ever expected.

Although ideals may serve as models or aspirations, they do not often manifest effectively in reality.

But honesty, the kindest intentions, and the intrinsic love and respect of ourselves and those we care for, can reveal the most beautiful truths which can be much more significant and relevant.

I am so thankful I can share it with those people who mean the very most to me.



  1. oh that is so sweet. I have a best friend and we can always risk being honest with each other and that's why there is absolutely no tension when we are together. it's A Good Thing.

  2. Thanks Ann.

    He is the kindest, most thoughtful and mature person. A girl can be so lucky to have her faith in mankind restored.



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