Sunday, August 5, 2012

Chevy '57

A while ago I was driving by a garage that specialises in restoring old cars, and saw this lovely girl.


I shot these on my film camera, which seems to make the colour so saturated and divine.

What a gorgeous cruiser she is.



  1. lovely photos of a lovely cherished girl.
    If you highlight/one-click on your digital image in it's file folder, and then from File left column dropdown pick 'Open With' then choosing Microsoft 2010, when it opens, choose 'Picture' and then Autocorrect (ha no auto pun) that intensifies the colours

  2. Thank you, Ms Ann. How nice to learn something new.

    I tried it on some of them, and obviously 'Autocorrect'thought the colour was *too* saturated and lightened it up!

    How glad I am to have a lovely film camera. I will have to get some more colour and b/w reels next time I am near a photog store!


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