Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Leaving 5000 Leavening

My Dear Followers,

My regular visitors, my new friends, and those who just come by from time to time, I would like to thank you. How pleased I am to see that I have had so many. Today: Hallowe'en; the Day of the Dead; Samhain; what or whether you celebrate or not, today is the day I crossed that liminal line and had my 5000th page visit.

I am so thankful to you for bringing me this far. My little blog with all the things I love. And you have been so kind to come visit and share them.

This day of crossing across. This day of revisiting and visitations. Tricks, treats. Liminality, the midpoint between equinox and solstice. Whatever we believe, we are beholden by nature. Strange that this celebration of liminality is common with cultures who had never known each other.

This Celtic New Year, that begins today. All Saints' Day. All Souls' Day. The link and the loves that lie between purgatory and heaven. Divination. We all seek the same thing. Love lost and returned.

I find you here. But you are there, on the other side. My night. Your day. 

I love you nonetheless. 

Come sit beside me. I have set a place for you.



  1. my parts of your impressive 5000 visits were most excellently enjoyable thank you dear P&C
    wishing you HD's on all your units. x x

  2. Thank you, Miss Ann!

    It has been a pleasure having your comments and company these last few years.

    It has been another obscure year for me, but so far I have some distinctions and a high distinction. I am just waiting for my thesis mark. I will let you know the news in a few weeks.


  3. Well, I did promise to let you know ...

    My marks came out today, and I was pleased with my HD for my thesis, although one mark more in combination with my coursework would have been lovely.

    My overall average for these past four years was a HD, for which I am grateful.

    All a girl needs now is a job.



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