Sunday, November 25, 2012

Early Christmas Shopping

Imagine if all your festive season presents were delivered straight to your door. And with plenty of time to wrap, and decide exactly what you really want to give away.

Although I do like visiting vintage stores to make those special purchases, some online options make it so easy to chose.

So I was pleased to have my interest piqued when I received the WKD email advising they waived shipping costs until Monday 26 November [UK time]. Now for all we lovely people outside that isle, especially for those readers planning to place a larger order, this becomes quite an attractive offer.

I purchased a lovely compilation of the most beautiful stockings and tights. I know a few people who would be very happy to unwrap some of these decadently beautiful items, so I chose two different pairs for them each. Luxury lingerie at such a reasonable price [even for university students, like myself] and without postage seems like a logically festive choice.

I purchased two pairs for myself, so all I need now is to find a dress in my wardrobe to complement them!

Have a peek!


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