Thursday, March 24, 2011

I Love My Personal DJ

With university back in full swing a girl does not have time to do much else. I love it when my music catalogue intuits a sweet, sincere and seditious playlist for me.

PJ Harvey - Good Fortune
The Cure - Friday, I'm in Love
Booby Traps - Bad Reaction
Robert Forster - Don't Touch Anything
Cannanes - Free Bird
Johnny Cash - Folsom Prison Blues
Black Eyed Susans - Glory, Glory
Velvet Underground - Sweet Bonnie Brown
The Chills - Wet Blanket
Regina Spektor - The Calculation
The Wylde Oscars - Right, Yeah
Go Betweens - Make Her Day (not on youtube, but here is Spring Rain
PJ Harvey - 66 Promises



  1. I'll pay the man in black, and the Velvets, but as to the rest, I am another generation, and prefer the artistes that those on your list drew their inspiration from.
    Rock ON.

  2. Thanks Ann.

    You will have to give me a listing of your seminal favourites.


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