Thursday, April 7, 2011

Flowers and Open Fires

What a busy month it has been. Assignments already, and I am just about to sell my little ol' house. I have all these people traipsing through and I hope someone will love my gorgeous Deco darling as much as I and meet my conservative reserve.

I really should post some pictures of her, but the estate agent has documented them in such a way that I cannot copy them down as images.

But as I adore flowers, here at least are some pictures of them in the dining room.

I love these Bouvardia. They start out as little four corner pockets and then burst into these stars. And they are crepuscular (which is one of my favourite words) because they are scented in the evening.

... and these are my pink Lilies with some deep maroon Alstromera

... and here they all are with the Gladioli, which were too tall for my camera screen.

You can see the mantelpiece in the background. I sit here in front of them with the fire on while I write all those essays and papers which sometimes see me work through until morning.

Soon I will be living in a teeny tiny house. I hope she will be Deco-rus and fiery, just like this one. I don't mind if she is smaller.

Wish me luck!



  1. Thanks Katney. You were so quick! I will let the blogger who could not post that it may be something to do with his interface, as everything looks fine from your comment.

    Happy Quilting!


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