Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Thank You Ann O'Dyne

This evening has been totally haphazard, incongruous and disrupted. It started to get better when working on solution #11 when I had to rush out to make an unexpected purchase and I heard a certain Dr Nichols on the radio which certainly cheered me up. But then I received this! #c2991050267887705294

As a recipient of the award, this is what I must do:

Step One: Make a post linking back to the person who gave you the award.

I am so very excited to get this award from  Ann O'Dyne who was one of my very first followers!
What an absolute darling she is!

Step Two: Share seven random things about yourself:
Only two people know that I blog. It is my secret between me and you.
I was a suspect in a murder.
When I was a child I was forced to live in cognito for 22 months.
I went to 10 schools. One for two days.
I have been to Iceland and I loved it.
I was born on the winter solstice.
Someone who reads this knows my most secret secret.
Step Three: Confer Stylish Blogger Award on 15 bloggers.But I shall choose my 10!

1 Pin Up Girl Clothing (because a girl has to dress!)
2 Twilla Jean
3 Vixen Vintage
4 Pedro The Boat Builder (he is so wicked, but so good)
5 Elizabeth Pulie
6 KMQ's Simone
Mr Lorraine Crescent
Ruby Rach
Ann O'Dyne
10 Marshall Stacks



  1. gosh - your random things are pretty wild. proves that people can be more incredible than one would imagine. was the murder lingerie-related?

  2. this site is fabulous -

    found it via MysticMedusa.com

    X X X (aka Ann O'D)

  3. Now, that is a very naughty site.

    One must not lead a girl into temptation. Especially when she can spend a long time there.

    I wonder if I would recognise you if I met you in a cafe. I must admit I thought Ann and Marshall were in cahoots for some time.

  4. Dear Mr Stacks,

    No, the murder was NOT lingerie related, which was probably very lucky for me. If it were I am sure I would have been in serious trouble. They did have me tagged as a love interest though, and thought it may have been inspired by jealousy. But there again they were quite wrong. I thought the fellow was convivial in his school-masterish way, but I definitely did not have any kind of relationship with him outside of the classroom. I really am a good girl, you know!



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