Sunday, April 24, 2011

Yes Sir, She's My Baby

It has been a long and exhausting search, but I am so glad to have found my new home.

It is more than I ever hoped for. When I lost the home I lived in for so long I was not sure I would be able to afford another beautiful Deco-rus baby.
My situation had been rather restrictive, I shan't bore you with the ugly bits, but suffice to say I sold everything I had of significant value to secure her. I could not procure help from friends, family or the bank (as I am still at university without a significant income), so it has been quite a tenuous time for me.

Our housing market has been a little inconsistent in the past few months, so even though I sold lower than I had first anticipated, I was very fortunate to purchase again in the same market.

Here she is, my Deco darling. She has gorgeous ceilings and a back yard for my puppy.  I am so very grateful to have her.

(The furniture is not mine. These are the "promotion pics".)



  1. Very nice indeed and a good floor plan.

  2. Thank you Andrew!

    I did not know you would be able to see the floor plan, but then I should not have pasted directly from the real estate site. So now you know a little secret about me which you are not allowed to tell!

    I am glad you mentioned it though, because I have changed the link sources, so my secret is safe.

    I am so pleased you like it. I can't wait to move in!

  3. I hoped you picked that up. All I recall is the suburb. A friend had a similar house in that area, but yours is nicer.

  4. Andrew,
    You are so kind!

    Maybe if you ever decide to move out of your beautiful castle in the sky, you might find something which features in that gorgeous photo shoot of yours!

    If you do, you will have to let me know so I can come by with some home made biscuits and scones when I visit that town.


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