Saturday, May 21, 2011

Ruby's New Blog

Dear Petticoats and Chrome Readers,

As many of you have undoubtedly gathered, I am currently studying at university. I don't often get to blog at the moment, as we near the end of semester and deadlines for final assignments loom.

One of my subjects this semester is Poetry and Poetics. A fine relief from heavily researched based subjects and a pleasant creative opportunity for someone who enjoys writing, and likes it to be a little less structured.

That seems a little oxymoronic when one considers how concise and structured poetry can be ... but rest assured my work is not quite that adept, which is why I have opened a little blog, especially for her. I was hoping you might pop over, have a look, and leave your respected opinions to help improve it. I don't mind if you think it dross and tell me so, you can even remain anonymous.

Even if you are not a follower here, I would love to see you at Ruby's blog.

I shall be in the kitchen with my apron on. Come by and we can have tea and cupcakes.



  1. a kitchen can be poetic and even I could write a sonnet to cupcakes I have known ...

  2. I would love to read Ode to A Cupcake!

  3. oh little cupcake I love you,
    but not so much I couldn't chew,
    the frosting from your sweet round top,
    and then the rest - I could not stop.

    For little cake just like a cup -
    I truly love to eat you up,
    and that red cherry as your crown
    I want to crush and swallow down.

    My love for you is bitter-sweet,
    when consumation is complete
    I am alone, and you're within,
    your wrapper's in the pedal bin.

    (now log-off and do some unit work)

  4. You have made a poem out of so many things I like:

    I am a sweet little sucker for cherries, especially those wicked glace numbers ... bad, bad things that they are!

    I do love cup cakes.

    And although it's silly, I think pedal bins are kind of cute!

    Thanks you Ms Ann xx


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