Thursday, May 19, 2011

Vargas Video

Some of you may remember my post from November last year on the gorgeous Vargas dress.

The creators, Kiss Me Deadly, are asking for videos in their loveliest shape-wear.

Without a boy in the boudoir, a girl needs to ask nicely if there is any kind and discreet person out there in my ethernet who is handy with a camera (or vidphone) and has a few luscious ideas to make a fun little film-o-matic.

 ... but you have to promise to be nice because I am a very good girl.



  1. I can only think that film students at swinburne would jump at the opportunity of a project like that, and you could have a female one (or have your way with the other kind).

  2. BWCA,

    Thanks you so much for following my strange little poetry blog; and for your great idea here.

    Sadly, Kiss Me Deadly have advised that my Vargas is not the style they wanted videos for, it was the newest run which has been made in a limited edition.

    So I will be able to maintain my modesty, and save my modelling for an appreciative boy in my own boudoir.



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