Friday, May 27, 2011

States of Undress

After a conversation with a friend today, I began to understand that I had some rather distinct KPIs for my intimate liaisons.

Now before you start pressing the big red button, or shouting "Warning, Will Robinson", I do want to assure you there will be nothing explicit or untoward on my little blog.

But in this age of electronica, I have begun to find that speed-dating, just like speedy everything-else seems to have permeated one of those rooms where we should be taking considerable time.

As I mentioned to my friend, she and I do love our lingerie, and we carefully choose delicious and delicate articles that don't just lie closest to our skin, but actually accentuate our womanhood. You have seen some of my preferences on this weblog of mine, but as I have intimated, there is quite a pretty collection in my bedside table, my chest of draws, my wardrobe, and in tiny boxes and packets hidden where they shan't be found.

As you lovely lady readers know, many of us are often pleasantly adorned beneath our outerwear whether we have an occasion or not. And when we actually do have an exciting evening planned, we often have something special lingering underneath our fabulous frocks.

As we slowly reveal our sensitivities, we are often surprised how some certain types of gentlemen tend to  race their libido to see how quickly they can remove those final garments.

Now if your lady is wearing some very unflattering beige items that look more like a woollen bathing suit, then yes, please use as much haste as possible to reveal your lover's better form.

However, as a little hint, if you are presented with a woman who is endowed with exquisite underwear, please do enjoy it with a lovely dose of acknowledgement and a hint of imagination.



  1. for some lovely lingeries just put Carine Gilson into Image Search. 495 UK pounds for a bra!
    x x ann o'dyne

  2. Ann,

    I have not seen so much delightful wickedness on one page for some time!

    When I have finished my essays I will hva to see if they have a stockist somewhere close-by.

    Alas, I shall only be looking now all my finances are tied up in my little home. But we all need to get lost in a lingerie love-affair even if we can't take them home.

    Thank you so much for the tip. I would love to know what you have tucked in your cupboard!


  3. also many happy hours can be frittered away if you put lingerie+MYLA into search. go to page 9
    You will know the one I mean.
    The May issue of Brit VOGUE has a Myla half-bra for 79 quid on their bride trousseau page 112
    It is fabulous. ties with a wide ribbon halter
    X X Bwca

  4. ... and now I discover (via the bogan-book guy)you are a GOBs fan?

  5. Ms Ann and Sir Marshall Stacks,

    Perhaps you know me better than you think.

    Yes, I do love the GoBs, and have a very exciting photo with Mr Forster taken recently after a lovely evening with him on stage between velveteen curtains. I wrote a first year paper on them and the Saints and their effect on music locally and abroad. That kind of university work is quite enjoyable.

    I had "the Bogan-Book guy's" first edition of the GoBs book (which I shall sadly lose in this move), which was a great read at the time, and a long history of devotion stretching back to their first decade.

    So, you spruiked it on FB?

    Shall I dash across now and discover your true identity?

    I promise I won't tell!



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