Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Thank You Again, Ms Ann O'Dyne

Ms Ann O'Dyne must be one of my best blog-friends. She always has interesting comments, and turns up in exciting blog-guises that one wouldn't expect. And she always has very good lingerie advice.

She even has her own love list, Worn Out, which you really must visit. I just can't resist the pic in this post. She has also sent me to Carine and Aubade for some window shopping.

Her latest little expedition took me to Myla. Not the website per se but love sight: the images gallery. If you look at her comments on  States of Undress, you can see she gave me a page number. I am not going to give it to you here, because it can be tempting to rush. And that can truly spoil the purpose, as I mentioned in that very same blog. So unless you like to be hasty, and miss all the glorious scenery on the way, I would suggest you slowly make your way through those ladies who are kindly showing the lingerie to its best advantage. Consider it a little exercise in the slow manipulation of your amorous expression. And then tell me your favourites. A girl likes to know what interests a person.

How difficult it is for one to resist, and how covetous she becomes looking at a site such as this. I believe coveting is considered a sin in some religions. Is it so awfully bad to be desirous of such goodness?
And, Anne, you were quite right; I did know exactly which one you meant.

If I get some lovely replies, I might even list my favourite.




  1. omg you sweet thing, thank you.
    Lingerie is one of lifes' last great attainable luxuries, and I despair when I see racks and racks of those vile moulded 'already full' bras in department stores.

    "the one I meant" just slays me. gosh I wish I knew a man worthy of the expense.

    I found (thanks to Google login page suggestion to redecorate my homepage from a variety of styles) a new name to image search for pretty lacy floral camisoley things - Michal Legrin.
    Does High-Victorian style jools and the most divine floral watch I just must have. enjoy if you go looking, but please do not neglect study.
    X X X

  2. Thank you Ann.

    I have a friend who would love that site, so I passed it on to her too.

    Fortunately I have finished all my assessments for this semester. Now I am busy preparing for my big move.

    Thank you for all the temptations!



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