Monday, June 20, 2011

A Little House Warming Present

As you know, I am soon to be moving to a lovely little house all of my own. I am leaving behind an established life for one more austere, but one more imperatively self-determined.

This also enables me to have a few small flourishes of my own. As my funds will be quite restricted for the next six months or so, these indulgences also have to be delightfully thrifty.

My new kitchen is teeny tiny. Without my pantry or the oodles of cupboards I am used to, I decided to use my bench space more functionally. A girl does love a decent aesthetic, and after a little research and nifty bidding I have secured these kitchenette delights.

This is the seller's photo, and I am very excited to be picking up my babies tomorrow. Can you see their gorgeous font? So many suffer the fate of the (quite rare I believe) salt cellar, and lose their lettering. But not these. I have been looking at some of their cousins, and although this set is sans-Coffee, I don't mind, as these days coffee is usually kept in the freezer.

Don't you love their standard colours? Flour is usually red; Sugar, grey or cream; Rice, teal; Tea, pale green and Coffee usually a browny-orange.

I can't wait to fill them all up. And then you can come for tea from the tea canister, and I shall make cakes from the flour canister. Then, after prattling through the afternoon, you can stay on to an early dinner and we shall have something nice with rice and a pinch of salt from the salt cellar. Then we can take an evening stroll in the 50 acre park near my home, then come back for something cozy.

Come by.



  1. They are great. Ours from childhood were thrown out and replaced with anodised aluminium. Wish both were kept.

  2. the font has to be named Automotive don't you think? Just like on a Ford Galaxie (which I would love to own).
    Top Gear had a program with the woman who designed all the roadsigns in the UK and she called her font Transport.

  3. Andrew,

    Isn't it sad when beautiful things are considered redundant. Perhaps you should have a peek at a public auction site and bring those childhood treasures home. Show me if you find them!

  4. Ann,

    Yes, yes, that is exactly how I described them: like the font on the side of a car. Oh Ann, like this:

    ... and scroll her down.

    Lord, if I had such a vehicle I would cry. Ann, I swear when I have enough means to procure such a dream I shall post her here and you must remind me that we are going for a country drive with our dark glasses and headscarves. I should need a good and tasteful companion. And shall we take young Andrew too?

  5. They look truly delightful :-)


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