Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Very Restrictive Souvenir

After arriving home last Monday I have been thrown back into my university obligations and have not had time to tell you all about my most perfect holiday. But I did get myself a little souvenir from here:

After browsing a very arousing selection, the Fairy Gothmother herself chose something for me and whisked me into the change room before I knew it. She laced me so tightly in this corset, but in ivory satin.

So tightly that she reduced my waist by six inches. I don't think I have ever moaned in pleasure as much as she tightened those laces so powerfully and without remorse. Well, perhaps not until I arrived in Barcelona a few days later.

I will have to tell you all about it soon.

Be good, my dear watchers.



  1. 'perfect holiday' oh congratulations and welcome back and I am so glad there was lingerie.

  2. Thank you Ms Ann!

    I actually found some of your favorite labels in a few department stores, which made me wish you were there so we could share preferences.

    I am in the excoriating midst of final university assignments at the moment, but hopefully I can post some more news soon.


  3. Oooh! FairyGothMother!!? Totally jealous right now, sounds devine :)

  4. Dear Simone,

    I can't wait to show you what I received during my holiday. It will be in my next post.

    Are you busy making lots of beautiful endowments for the inaugural love festival in a fortnight?



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