Sunday, October 23, 2011

Basílica de la Sagrada Família

I really should be studying, but thought I would sneak a few pictures up for you from my holiday.

The first day in Barcelona was spent here. I have been longing to visit her for such a long time.

Isn't she magnificent?



  1. so absolutely BEAUTIFUL it would make me
    Get Religion.
    perfect photos you clever camera.

    Scotts Abode blogger just posted on his visit to Firenze and The Duomo so I am having a holy afternoon.
    X X X

  2. Ms Ann,

    My camera is just a little "smartphone" thingy, but it does seem very clever!

    The church is magnificent. Gaudi is such a genius. I very much would have liked to have gone here
    but I did enjoy a languid pace, with perhaps a few too many late mornings.

    I guess a good thing about religion is that it focussed all the wealth of artistry (and the other forms) in one place.

    And no, Mr Stacks, I did not see any of those little men anywhere. What a strange little souvenir that is!

    I hope you are (both) having fun and enjoying some Spring sunshine.


  3. Hi Petticoats - I just saw news that Dita will have a range of underwear through Target in 2012.
    x x

  4. Ms Ann,

    The wait is almost over. I have no excuse but lust to justify my puchasing.



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