Thursday, January 26, 2012

How Far I've Come

So much time has passed since my last post, and although it was filled with unprecedented activity, I must admit I have missed you.

As you know, I took a little sojourn abroad. Since then I was hurled into a whirlwind of obligations: at home and at university. In those first weeks of November I handed in my final assignments - some a little earlier than expected. A dear friend called me in those heady days to share some dreadful news: the company he owned had been sabotaged by a fellow director while he had spent the past 18 months, some 4000 km away, setting up a new office. The effects were devastating. Even though it was not due until the following week, I wrote into the early hours and through the next day so I could submit my final assignment, and be available if he needed me.

When he called the next day things had become worse. I sped down to the university to hand in my essay, which they thankfully accepted even though the faculty had closed. I arrived home to find the girl dearest to me with my favourite flowers to celebrate the end of my degree. I explained what had happened, and she agreed that I should help him pack his apartment and the new business address so he could return to head office immediately. How very cruel it seemed to ask her to cancel her celebratory plans and take those beautiful flowers back with her.

I had 30 minutes to organise my flight, taxi and suitcase, and negotiate a lift to take that sweet girl home. The plane was the last one to leave town, and I was exhausted when I arrived at my destination some six hours later.

The next few days were spent packing his home and office. I do not envy the personal grief he had to endure during those dark days. On the third day he flew back to head office while I spent that, and the next, packing and cleaning his apartment. After the removalists left I took his magnificent vehicle to the international terminal to be shipped home. Because of the airport curfew I waited seven hours before catching the last plane to his home town.

The flight travelled through the night to arrive four and a half hours later at 6:00am. With a chatty passenger beside me, I disembarked without sleeping. I was met and whisked to a shower, and then went into the office for a ten hour day. Although it is not my line of business, I did what I could there for the next two weeks before flying home. I had so much to do. My little house was evidence of serious neglect while I had studied. But I also eagerly awaited my final grades and looked forward to my graduation.

How very excited I was to be awarded four high distinctions for the semester, and a high distinction average for my course. My graduation day was such a special day for me, and I was so pleased to be offered Honours. I spent it with my beloved "flower" girl, and my dear friend who flew in especially.

The next day I packed up the car and my puppy and we took a 12 hour road trip - the first day of a four week holiday. I spent time at beaches, by the pool, with good books, but most importantly with family and friends.

Now I am back and am unpacking, I have something to show you. It is something delicious, and something you know I love especially.

Can you wait until the next post?

I promise to post pictures ...

I hope you have been good, and have accrued a few pretty packages of your own.

Shall we share?



  1. oh god i don't know where to start!
    1. glad you are back, was wondering what was up.
    2. absolutely congratulations on HD x 4 - a knockout and a second conferring of Honours for your tremendous organisational as well as physical effort on your friends dreadful turn of events.

    I am exhausted just thinking about it all.
    thank god you got a holiday
    X X X

  2. Thanks Ann!

    I am glad to be back. And thank you so much for your congratulations. Graduting was such an exciting event. I feel so very fortunate to be able to do an additional coursework and research year.

    I loved the Flamingo Park and Vogue postings. Such amazing collections!



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