Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Underlying Intentions

In my last post I had something to show you. Something absolutely delicious and desirous. It was a fabulously overwhelming gift from the friend I mentioned.

It was one of those rare and treasured  occasions when a girl is surprised by something she could have only dreamt of calling her own. I had not mentioned my preferences to anyone, and it was only vaguely referenced here in my blog, so it was a wonderful surprise. What makes my dear endowerer even more incredible is that the selected sizing was impeccably accurate.

Most of you are familiar with my preference for many of the delightful items at What Katie Did. For a few years now I have been secretly lusting over a particular design in their corset range. What a very lucky girl I am to be able to cinch myself with the gorgeous Morticia.

If you have ever received a parcel from this gorgeous boutique, you will know how the pleasure begins as you unwrap your delicate items from the volumes of black tissue, which has been carefully beribboned and subtly marked for posting. Their corsets also come in lavish satin bags for safe keeping.

You can imagine how overwhelmed a girl could be to learn that her divine friend had been busily sourcing both the US and UK collections for such an indulgence. More than this, it was to be a part of an entire lavish ensemble!

After examining it on-screen so often, one would think that I would know the items in my favourite What Katie Did range by touch. But with my eyes averted and my fingers feeling those lines of stitching, soft satin and powermesh I could not believe my lingerie fantasies were being realised. I am entirely enamoured with so many of the items in the delectable Maitresse range. Can you believe what gorgeous things I found?

An essential item in a vintage girl's wardrobe

Tasteful and glamourous

Authentic, specially made on rare machines, and with a keyhole welt.

and to hold that beauty in place
with six very fine quality garter tabs for a sure grip.

What a very fortunate girl I am. However, at the moment they are being admired in my drawers as I wait patiently for a visit from my very generous gifter.

A girl shouldn't wear them for just anyone.



  1. oh how divine, how fabulous, how wonderful - I am breathless too. Lucky woman to have such a thoughtful friend to give you that thrill.
    'Valentine' indeed.
    X X X

  2. I was able to try the ensemble in its entirety on the weekend.

    The bullet bra is a high cut, so I look forward to wearing it under my winter knit wear or withmy more modest vintage dresses. My gifter mentioned that it makes one so perky it could be dangerous because it gives quite a different form than the soft rounded shape of our usual brassieres.

    It was very comfortable and supportive. I look forward to inventing some lovely excuses to wearing it more often.



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